Light Movement 1: Rorison, Parker, Schröder

Light Movement 1. 
January 15th, 2015
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The opening program of a new series of screenings features three contemporary filmmakers who explore light, memory, and the spaces between fiction and document.

Margaret Rorison
Lucy Parker
Lara Schröder

image: Lucy Parker

T H E   P R O G R A M :


10 min, 16mm (digital version shown), colour, 2012

This performance is an ode to my grandfather, Harry Bennett who made a living as a painter for Gothic and Romance novels in the 60s and 70s. He spent much of his life as a solitary man, committing himself to walking, philosophizing and creating. This piece incorporates our shared love for reflection amid landscape. The 16mm footage was shot during a residency in The Ozarks. The audio accompaniment incorporates recordings of my grandfather, field recordings of oil rigs and fishing wire in a Louisiana bayou and live amplification of the projector’s motor using both contact mics
and electromagnetic pick-ups.

Lara Schröder - ZUGVÖGEL (also known as "Theman's Dream")
12 min, 8mm transfered to digital, colour, 2010

Made over the period of 1 year, Lara Schröder filmed each visitor to her home-in-exile, Berlin. Herself a migratory being, she documented each fleeting visitor and later combined the collected films to form unreal meetings and conversations, while the reality and
memories of the visits soon faded into dream-like visions. These visions became the hallucinations of fictional character Theman, who has exiled himself to a hut in the forest.....
"The man who lived in a hut in the woodland had chosen to retreat / exile himself. His mind pure and with thoughts only of nature was corrupted by images of sinister, imposing man-made structures. Places he had never been, visitors who never came and never left. Conversations never had, the ghost of a dog from 20 years before. Loss, nostalgia for times never had, instability of nature and man's attempt to stabilize it. Buildings, concrete in woodlands."

18 min, 16mm, (digital version shown), colour, 2011

The film is an observation of a rural care home over the duration of nine months. Returning there every two weeks to film (also working there as a care worker), documenting the ways in which routines in weekly life are focused on nurture and development, through both educational lessons and leisure. The Home and the World considers the shifts between freedom and structure that exist in this environment, while also documenting the landscape, changes in weather and the qualities of indoor and outdoor space.


with special thanks to: Adam Nankervis, Daniel Kupferberg, Petra Graf, Christoph Both-Asmus, and to all the filmmakers for the kind permision to show their work


Margaret Rorison

Margaret Rorison is a curator and filmmaker from Baltimore, Maryland. She works with language, sound and imagery to create installations, films and live 16mm projections. Her work is an impressionistic exploration into the visceral nature of memory and experience. 

Rorison's work has been screened at various venues and festivals including, Anthology Film Archives, Ann Arbor Film Festival, CROSSROADS, Images Festival, The Maryland Film Festival, Mono No Aware VI & VII, Sonic Circuits Festival, Microscope Gallery, The Moscow Museum of Modern Art and The High Zero Festival. 

Lucy Parker

Lucy Parker is an artist filmmaker. Her practice is research led, adopting ethnographic methods when making work with or about a community.
She is interested in ways that systems (social, educational and architectural) structure communities and the dynamics between individuals when they make the personal public.
Recent works have adopted narrative as an output for research. Material for the films is often developed through workshops alongside more structured planning, scripting. 
Her films have been shown at: Outpost Norwich, Cinemathque Quebecoise Montreal, Paramount Centre Boston, Anthology Film Archive New York, Images Festival Toronto, Milton Keynes Gallery, Café Oto London, Copenhagen Short Film Festival, Leeds Film festival. Lucy lecturers BA and MA Filmmaking at Kingston University.

Lara Schröder

Working with super8, writer and film maker Lara Schröder tells her narrative through shots of architectural structures intermingled with reoccurring imagery of friends, forests and animals as strange 'other' worlds are created on celluloid out of the most mundane of places, capturing scenes which appear to be from distant memories in history.  Her work has been screened at various institutions including The Whitechapel Gallery, Galerie Vals Sweden, The Swedenborg Film Festival and The Screen Room.

*please note -although this opening screening will consist of digital projections, including digital "versions" of films, we will in the near future be showing works as original prints

kindly hosted at:

Biesentalerstrasse 16 
13559 Berlin-Wedding

U8 Pankstrasse
S-bahn Bornholmerstrasse
M13, M50 Osloerstr./Prinzenallee

20:30h, Thursday, 15th January 2015