Light Movement Athens: The Outskirts of..

Light Movement Athens
26th May, 2017 Open Air Cinema Riviera, Valtetsiou 46, Exarcheia
programmed as side event to an exhibition by James Edmonds and Petra Graf at 3 137, Athens 
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 The Outskirts of a Dreamed map

Autonomous cracks in the authority of the urban facade appear to offer points of departure for imaginative discourses and reflections on the idea of a city, as conceived in the mind of it's inhabitants rather than it’s political-economic restraints.
This program of films, selected as a reflection to an exhibition at artist-run space 3 137, explores themes relating to architecture, economy and imagination, through the depiction of spaces, geographies, imaginary cities and distant memories. The open air cinema offers an ideal setting to explore the cinematic dialectics of inside/outside, time/space, through direct experience.

Above image: Joseph Bernard

Elise Florenty & Marcel Türkowsky

P R O G R A M  (all films shown digitally)

Joseph Bernard - Drawings On Africa  1981, super8, 2:11, colour, silent
Totally under-exposed 35mm slides of African maps were drawn over by a 10 & 12 year old. The slides, with their emulsion-scratched images, were then rephotographed... in an ideal collaboration.

Margaret Rorison - Der Spaziergang  2013, 16mm, 3:04, color, sound
This film documents long walks throughout Berlin, Germany during the cold days of April, 2013.
The film is edited in camera and composed of single frame snapshots along with longer moments of glance, captured on one 100’ roll of film.
The title comes from a story by Robert Walser.

Elise Florenty & Marcel Türkowsky - Delirium Ambulare Series I, II, III, IV  ongoing since 2012, Super 8 transferred to DVD, 12:30 min, color, silent
"Delirium Ambulare, consists of close up footage of the artist’s strolling feet in three [now four] different entropic modernist public playground spaces: Flamengo Park in Rio de Janeiro, Maurice Thorez Park in Ivry‐sur‐Seine within suburbs of Paris and Guilliver Park in Donetsk, Ukraine. Each setting is actually an individual short film shot on Super 8, which documents the performance of moving within a space, occupying, leaving, and then reoccupying the strange and starkly modernist areas where each film was shot." (Will Gresson)

Daniel Kupferberg - You Are Here  2007, digital video, 01:00, colour, slow+clattering railroad sound
A shift between land-maps on a seat and puddles on the floor of an old jolting train coach.

Vincent Grenier - Tabula Rasa  1993-2004, 16mm transferred to digital, 07:30, colour, sound
Filmed in a South Bronx high-school, Tabula Rasa attempts through sound image juxtapositions, digital manipulation and layering to deal at once with the propensity to mislead and eloquence of the recorded image. The ambiguous qualities of appearances, so assiduously cultivated by institutions, the motivations found in the clues that tells the history of objects, colors, textures, architecture and ultimately, psychological states of mind are but some of the players in this poetic and cultural happening.

James Edmonds - Overland  2016, super8, 22:00, colour+b/w, sound
Structured in three parts, Overland evokes an enigmatic landscape of forms, substances, creatures and memory through a hand-edited super8 colour collage of personal material shot over one year..A fragment of memory is briefly evoked. The memory of a boat journey, of traveling as a child. The child is born into the universe in a flurry of images which constantly shift between modes of chromatic reality.
The substances of the earth and it's elements circulate and accumulate in material fluctuation. The flora and fauna give way to the human. The glimpses of lives as portrait - the concrete, the societal, the ritual of the everyday - a short series of episodic documents. This moment again gives rise to other realities. Signs, symbols, silence and stillness animated through the uncertainty of image. 
In intervals of darkness, light is shed as flashes of remembrance, traces of something long ago.
A series of follies appear as history.

Lara Schroder - The Tour Of The National Grid  2005, super8 transferred to digital, 5:25, colour, sound
The super8 films of Lara Schroder capture worlds which seem like distant memories in history. Strange stories are told through reoccurring imagery of architecture and cities. We follow an anonymous person, born into nature, who one day discovers power lines and decides to follow them, embarking on a journey that leads from the power station to the electricity's destination, a housing estate.

(Approx. 53 min)

Lara Schroder


Light Movement Athens: The Outskirts of a Dreamed map
26th May, 2017  

Open Air Cinema Riviera
Valtetsiou 46