Light Movement 24: Giuseppe Boccassini

Light Movement 24
Thursday 12th October, 8pm Spektrum
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Giuseppe Boccassini

Debris (2017)

We are delighted to welcome Giuseppe Boccassini - a filmmaker working with found and archival footage to work a visual language to surreal affect. In a manner that suggests films inner breathing, as if it had a consciousness, or the media dreaming of itself, these images circulate and pulsate in reflection of their own problematic being.
By Boccassini's definition, "film is a phallic conqueror that, folding in on itself, now flaccid deus ex machina, observes itself from the inside like a lysergic membrane that slowly founders between the folds of its own material."
The resulting vision seems to throw our gaze deep inside the medium of moving images, towards extremes of close-up, loudness, or slowness, silence, in unexpected and uncanny meanderings of meaning.
This program will showcase a selection of recent works as well as the German premiere of his brand new film, Debris (2017), which consists of decayed fragments from Instagram, Youtube, video-games, public archives, mostly re-shot with a Mini-DV camera.

Orbit (2016)

P R O G R A M :

Lezuo 2013, MiniDv, 17 min
The tin hat 2014, MiniDv, 15 min

Orbit 2016, MiniDv, HD, foundfootage, 15 min
Debris 2017, MiniDv, foundfootage, 4:3, 11 min

The tin hat (2014)

Giuseppe Boccassini is an Italian filmmaker mainly working in Germany and Italy.
He graduated in film theory at the University of Bologna and in film direction at The New University of Cinema and Television located in Cinecittà, Rome.
His work has been shown at several international film festivals and exhibitions (including FID Marseille, France, Torino Film Festival , Italy, FESTACURTAS BH , Brasil, Crossroads SF, USA, Avvistamenti , Italy, Punto de Vista, Spain, Trentino History Museum, Italy, Pesaro Film Festival, Italy. His entire film production is distributed by Light Cone.

By transforming and manipulating various sources of archival material, his work reflects upon the notion of a haptic proximity of contemporary media.


Light Movement 24: Giuseppe Boccassini
Thursday 12th October, 2017

Bürknerstraße 12,
12047 Berlin

U8 Schönleinstr.