Light Movement 25: snow and ice data

Light Movement 25
Monday 23rd October, 7:30pm Spektrum

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snow and ice data
a night of experimental films curated by joe steele
an offering by the colloquium ‘Film in the Present Tense’, RE:MI/ LaborBerlin co-presented with Light-Movement

Erin Espelie, Kurt Kren, Saul Levine,, Joann Elam / Andrea Polli, Anne Charlotte Robertson, Kelly Sears, Elizabeth Bouk & Wenhua Shi, Robert Todd, Richard Tuohy, Christin Turner, Steina Vasulka

Erin Espelie - The Sea Seeks it's Own Level (2013)

Thinking' in the primitive state (pre-organic) is the effecting of shapes, as
in the crystal. - In our thinking the essential thing is the fitting of the new
material into the old schemata (= Procrustean bed), making it alike. (1885)

My prime of youth is but a frost of cares,/ […]
My Crop of corne is but a field of tares, (1586)

Joe Steele (PhD student at University of Colorado Boulder, Member AgX Collective, MDes Harvard University ‘16) will present his current research involving the National Snow and Ice Data Center (NSIDC) in Boulder and the Map Library, Herbarium, and the special collections of CU Boulder’s library. As part of beginning this research, Joe has programmed a group of experimental and personal films called “Snow and Ice Data”that takes a more reflexive tone toward thinking about the glacial and snow/ ice/ weather. This will be presented at Spektrum in Berlin as part of LaborBerlin’s Film in the Present Tense Colloquium in October 2017. The final form of this research will be an exhibition emerging from the artist’s response to the collection and the dialogues with archivists, scientists, and curators. Objects of most interest are William O. Field’s photographs and fieldbooks of glaciers in Alaska, aerial photography (which will be turned into shapes/ 3D models by the artist), glass plate negatives from the late 19th century, 8mm films, and prints and cabinet card photographs of glaciologists, workers, animals, and glacial erratics.

program I         Chinook/ Foehn


Morgen (tomorrow) Elizabeth Bouk & Wenhua Shi, color, sound 03:43. 2017

Blizzard of ’79  Joann Elam. Digital transfer of 8mm color, silent. 1979 (image) paired with“Round Mountain”from Sonic Antarctica. Andrea Polli. Gruenrekorder. 2009 Courtesy of the artist

The Sea Seeks Its Own Level  Erin Espelie. 2013, 5:00, color, sound, Super 8 film mastered to HD digital video

Going to Work  Anne Charlotte Robertson. 7:00   Super 8 Color Sound transferred to HD digital video. 1981

Ice  Robert Todd. 16mm b/w, sound. 10:00. 2014


~brief intermission~

program II        Weather--Shapes & Rhythms

What happens to the Mountain  Christin Turner. Color, Sound 35mm. HD Digital Video. 12:00 2016

Untitled-game_spawn 1996-2001, sound, CD-ROM. 03:02

Untitled [object]  Steina Vasulka. 2007 Color, sound HD digital video.

Tropical Depression  Kelly Sears. 02:40. B/W, sound. HD digital video 2012
Die Nacht  Elizabeth Bouk & Wenhua Shi. Color, sound. 02:42. 2017

LIGHT LICKS Pardes: Night Time is the Right Time  Saul Levine. Super 8 transferred to HD Digital video. Color, silent. 4:02 2014

Flyscreen  Richard Tuohy. 16mm with optical sound. 08:00. 2010
3/60 Baüme im Herbst (Trees in Autumn)  Kurt Kren. b/w 16mm with hand-painted optical sound. 1960


(TRT approx.. 1 hr. 15 min)


Thanks to: LaborBerlin, Goethe-Institut Boston, AgX Film Collective, Harvard Film Archive, and the University of Colorado at Boulder, CMCI/DCMP


Light Movement 25: Snow and Ice Data
Monday 23rd October, 7:30pm

Bürknerstraße 12,
12047 Berlin

U8 Schönleinstr.