Light Movement 13: Colour Spaces

Light Movement 13: Colour Spaces
Sonntag 10 Apr, Spektrum Berlin

Guillaume Cailleau & Ben Russell
Elise Florenty & Marcel Türkowsky
Vincent Grenier  
Alanna Lawley
Tomonari Nishikawa
Mark Street
Robert Todd

image: Tomonari Nishikawa

Light Movement returns to Spektrum this month, and in more ways than one!
Colour Spaces presents a collection of films in which colour is a key factor, either in forming the works concept, it's formal structure, its depiction of space, or simply an atmosphere.
This screening groups together a wide range of works by some incredible filmmakers and artists, all using colour in ways unique to their respective practices.
We are taken on a colourful journey…
in each case what becomes clear is the importance of colour as a significant emotive force in film and video, something we might re-consider from slightly different angles when viewing these works together.

image: Robert Todd


Elise Florenty & Marcel Türkowsky: Delirium Ambulare Series, ongoing since 2012, Super 8 transferred to DVD, 12:30 min, color, silent
Tomonari Nishikawa: 45 7 Broadway, 2013, US, 16mm, 5 min, color, sound
Robert Todd: Shades of Grey, 2014, 16mm transferred to digital, 16:30 min, colour, sound

Alanna Lawley: Preston Road, 2004, super8 transferred to digital, 2:12 min, colour, silent
Vincent Grenier: COLOR STUDY, 2000, video (Orig Mini DV) 4:30 min, colour, sound
Mark Street: Blue Movie, 1994, 16mm, 5 min, color, sound
Guillaume Cailleau and Ben Russell: Austerity Measures, 2011, 16mm, 8 min, colour, silent

image: Vincent Grenier

image: Guillaume Cailleau and Ben Russell


Light Movement 13: Colour Spaces
Sonntag 10 Apr, doors 7.30pm / screening 8pm
Bürknerstraße 12,
12047 Berlin

U8 Schönleinstr.